NY Fashion Week Fall ’08. Jenni Kayne: A Nirvana of Hollywood Glamour

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February 8, 2008 • New York Fashion Week Fall '08








Summary: As I walked into the Jenni Kayne presentation, which was held in a gorgeous Greenwich townhouse, I overheard the designer discussing her inspiration: the 90’s, Nirvana, Seattle grunge. The cynic in me envisioned cliché’s of flannel and baggy sweaters. Please no Doc Martens.

Moments later, I stepped into the presentation room and standing before me were about 2 dozen models showcasing a fantastic collection. A toned down, brown and black leopard print wool was used for a handful of the pieces – most notably a very Hollywood mermaid skirt. Dusty black and navy blue hues dominated the collection. The bulk of it was very wearable (too wearable, safe?): structured plaid shirts, oversized blazers, and evening (but nothing too evening) dresses.

Ms. Kayne was attempting to channel ‘92 Kurt Cobain, but the result was a bit more ’08 Mary-Kate. Then the cynic in me realized that mimicking either icon was a step in the right direction.

Color Palette: black, navy blue, brown

Textures & Details: fur, wool, silk, leather, cotton jersey, 30’s and 40’s silhouettes

Key Looks: leopard print mermaid skirt, color blocked jersey scoop gown

Photos: Wireimage

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