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September 4, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Spring '08

Summary: Had I been alive in the late 50’s, I swear the gym setting would have been perfect for my Sadie Hawkins dance. Even though the three-piece band was playing Buddy Holly and Richie Valens music, and the models were wearing thick Buddy Holly frames, the show was very much modern day. Did the show have me excited for next spring? Not really. Then again it was about 90 degrees at the sock hop.

Color Palette:
Beige, khaki, off-white, lavender, cherry, orange, aqua, steel and black.

Textures & Details: dogwood jacquard, sawtooth print, pineapple print, silk, linen, cotton knit, washed silk, matte black leather, cotton & rayon

Key Looks: Comey is very enamored with her sawtooth print which came in a variety of colors and cuts. The same goes for her pineapple print. There were high-wasted, short-shorts, billowy silk frocks, peddle pushers, bustiers, and summery knits. My least favorites; the matte black leather moon dress, the steel rayon mischievous dress that was rather huge and the knit bathing suit that was really a super mini tank jumpsuit with a belt. The color palette also tended towards drab. My favorites were the white rayon mesh pleated dress, the scout shirt which came in a variety of colors, a pretty orange pineapple print belted dress and the shoes (spectator sandals & oxfords). Great shoes.






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