It’s in the Details. NY Fashion Week Spring ’08: Sexy is as Sexy Does

Fountain of 30

September 20, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Spring '08


Marc Jacobs, Custo Barcelona and Anna Sui redefine eye candy.

Amy Ko, Senior Editor of Second City Style Magazine

It’s such an overused word and so undervalued. Functioning as both compliment and critique by men and women alike “sexy”
somehow has become a synonym for showing skin, for femininity, and just
about anything related to the actual amorous activity
. But this
season collections ask us to reconsider what makes us blush and what
makes our temperatures rise — is a good laugh just as “sexy” as a slit
up a leg that extends for miles? Can preppy teach us something about
the power of charm and restraint? Forget about going Dolce to get some
attention from your voyeur of choice, this spring sexy is about overdressing for the ball and then dancing to your very own magic flute.

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