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May 10, 2007 • Fashion


Jacqueline Zenn for Second City Style Magazine

Thanks to my mother, I have no embarrassing fashion memories.
There are no incriminating photos or outfits that I look back on and
cringe. It was her guidance and impeccably classic taste that kept me
from wearing anything ridiculously trendy or fashion victim-y.

“When you were a toddler, one of your favorite things to do was to
go shopping with me.” my mother told me. “I think you teethed on price
tags.” It was by her side that I learned many important fashion rules,
including how to “build an outfit from the shoes up” and that
everything looks better topped off with a fabulous coat. My mother
encouraged my budding fashionista sensibilities by letting me pick out
most of my own clothes and decorate my own room. In addition, she even
sewed colorful sundresses and elaborate Halloween costumes for me
(including a red fringed flapper dress and a metallic blue fairy
princess outfit with a gold cape – I was clearly a little diva). Read more here

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