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May 3, 2007 • Fashion

For the next two weeks, Second City Style Magazine
is dedicating our pages to our fashion inspirations and style
teachers…our mothers in honor of Mother’s Day. Check out this week’s
at Second City Style Magazine.


Lauren Dimet, Editor in Chief, Second City Style

Through this exercise writing about my mother’s influence on my sense of style (addiction to all things fashion) I have come to the realization…I was doomed since birth.
I never thought of my mother as a clothes horse, rather a woman who
prefers quality over quantity, the French method of dressing. Yet, last
week in her own words she admitted “I make no apologies, I’m a clothes horse.”
(This from the woman who gets rid of everything including my favorite
flats which she tossed in the incinerator one day while I was at
school). To this day my mother is still the same glam dame she has always been.

My mother is most assuredly the most influential and constant
fashion inspiration in my life. While I knew all about Jacqueline
Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana, I also greatly admired
Deborah Harry, the Go-Go’s and Molly Ringwald. However, my mother’s
closet and the clothes she had carefully stored in the attic were fascinating to me. Read more here

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