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May 30, 2008 • Shopping

Although online shopping can sometimes be a crap-shoot, we’ve found some websites that are consistently cheap, inspiring, or at least… interesting. Check them out below!

Ollheader1_2  We’ve mentioned this site before, and we just must bring it up again. With great apparel, deals, and this special Second City steal (Enjoy an additional 20% off by entering the discount code ‘secondcitystyle‘ at checkout!), it’s worth taking a look at! The site also features a blog to keep you updated and an additional 20% your first purchase… nice!

Building Lily Grace is the online location of the San Diego boutique of the same name. Like Ooh La Luxe, the site features a blog and great deals.  Owner Jackie also proclaims her love of comfort and ease in clothing, and says she has a "knack for finding some of the softest materials that are easy to wear all day long." Sounds like reason enough to us to check it out!

Janescloset_logo_v3 Shop by designer, by item, or in sections of Jane’s Closet at this bargain site, which has a section of great 70%-off pieces. What more could ask for?… Well, how about free shipping on orders over $100? That sounds like justification if we’ve ever heard it! This every-girl site’s mission statement reads, "There are other larger websites out there selling everything under the
sun, but only one selling fashion that Jane (and hopefully girls like
Jane) will wear when she goes shopping, or goes out for a drink, or goes
out to a party.
" We like that simple, laid-back attitude. Shop away!

Banner A spin-off of its older sister, design site, NOTCOUTURE bring you inspiring pieces of apparel and accessories to tickle your fancy. See things that you might buy, or would never buy but might get inspired by! We could spend hours clicking through the sites short polaroid-posts with its "random" button. Hello, procrastination! 

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  1. Melissa M says:

    I would add this Online Store too, from Ma Cherie d’Amour, a French Lingerie & Beauty Store . They have a wonderful selection of Lingerie, feminine & sexy, and some exclusive lines of Bath & Body products, made in France….

  2. Kudzu Fire says:

    Lilly Grace. Cuter mannequins.

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