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September 28, 2015 • Fashion Blog

It all begins with an idea...

It all begins with an idea…

It’s hard to believe but Carol and I began Second City Style 10 years ago this month! How time flies. By the way, that’s over 18,000 posts! Back when we launched the site I was still living in Chicago and we honestly thought Chicago (especially at that time) needed a big fashion kick in the behind. A lot has changed over the past decade. Thankfully Chicago became more fashion-forward, I married, moved to NYC and had two sons. Both Carol and I aged…as one tends to do over 10 years. Our lives have changed and so has our site.

About 5 months ago we decided we needed to move in a new direction that more reflected where we were in life and Second City Style was no longer that platform. We started thinking about our age demographic and and how most blogs and sites just don’t resonate with us any longer. 25 year-old street bloggers and their fashions are mostly unwearable after 40 and the idea of turning our hair pink is ridiculous. If we felt this way (ignored) we figured we were not alone. Think about it, if our readers back then were in their late 20’s they are in their late 30’s now.

Then the logo

Then the logo

Now we are excited and proud to present our new site Fountain Of 30 dedicated to women over 30 who feel 30 and want to do whatever it takes to look 30 as long as we possibly can! We are unwilling to go down without a fight and truly feel no woman should. We will cover fashion, anti-aging beauty, family, travel, cooking and all other aspects that are part of our daily lives.

We hope you are ready to join us as we embark on the next 10 years of our online life.

Putting together our Facebook page

Putting together our Facebook page

Please check out FountainOf30.com and follow us on our social media channels. We will also have an active YouTube channel where you can watch Carol and I make fools of ourselves with our heads held high.

Facebook: facebook.com/FountainOf30/

Twitter: twitter.com/FountainOf30

Instagram: instagram.com/fountainof30/

Pinterest: pinterest.com/FountainOf30/

Google+: plus.google.com/+Fountainof30/

Second City Style will remain active and updated, it will however, be Chicago focused (as originally planned) and not updated as frequently. We will be over at our new site and hope you will be too.

Our new look and feel

Our new look and feel

Fashionably Yours,

Lauren & Carol

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  1. Congratulations on this new chapter. I look forward to reading the new blog!

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