Passion and Fashion Unite! Macdella Cooper’s Fashion Week Finale

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February 19, 2010 • Events, New York Fashion Week Fall '10

Fashion is fun, but fashion as a vehicle for charity is even better. Sometimes, though, the charity is stellar but the clothes are lackluster. Other times, the opposite is true. But at Macdella Cooper's Fashion Week Finale, both the cause and the clothes were worthy of standing ovations.

Hosted by American’s Next Top Model and True Beauty judge, Nolé Marin, along with Project Runway Season 6 winner Irina Shabayeva and a host of high profile magazine editors, the event raised money for the Macdella Cooper Foundation project, the MCF Academy, a tuition-free school in
post-war Liberia, providing free
education, room and board to 200 orphans and abandoned street children. 

Cooper provided the passion that fueled the event. She came to America in 1993 as a refugee of the Liberian civil war, and has become a (very fashionable) high-profile activist for Liberian children.

The fashion was provided by new designer Melani Von Alexandria (pictured above with Cooper). Her runway show had both the professionalism of a major fashion show and the creativity and
innovation of a young designer, which made it a treat to watch.


In another fashionable twist, Irina Shabayeva has agreed to design the school uniforms for the MCF academy—no dowdy duds for these students! The MCF Academy is scheduled to
open in the fall of 2010.

Photos: Second City Style

—Becky Ellis

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