Pick A Color Any Color: Design Your Own MAC Pro Pallets

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July 5, 2016 • Beauty, Fashion Blog


Simplify your life with your favorite makeup colors all in one place with a MAC Pro Pallet made just for you, by you! Choose your colors and get makeup tips from any of the Makeup Artists at MAC Michigan Avenue in Chicago. This is a complete blast! Walk away with all your favorites colors in one handy compact. Choose a pallet large or small, or both! You may like a small one to stash in your handbag and a large one for your daily makeup routine. The individual colors are interchangeable, so you can update your pallet from season to season or replace a color when it runs out.


I was thrilled to see MAC Regional Makeup Artist John Naughton in the studio the day I was there! John did  our makeup for the Second City Style 10 Year Anniversary and launch party for Fountain Of 30. Call MAC at 540 N Michigan Avenue and set up a personal makeup and/or skincare consultation at (312) 595-0952.


Makeup Artist Taneisha helped me put my palette together. I told her what colors I prefer and generally use, but I told her I wanted to go a bit lighter for summer and also for anti-aging, to open up my eyes. She helped me find just the right combination that included all the shades I would need, and knew her MAC colors well (which is a feat since there are literally hundreds)! We tried the colors on my hand to see how they looked and worked on my skin tone. She pointed out that some colors I gravitated towards had too much metallic in them and may bring out too many wrinkles! So those colors were out for me.


I love my resulting pallet and it has streamlined my morning beauty routine for the summer. Every shadow and cheek color I need is all in one place! We even threw in a highlight cheek color that works to illuminate my entire face. Clear off your counter ladies and get a MAC Pro Pallet customized just for you!


Visit MAC Michigan Avenue  |  540 N Michigan Ave  |  312-595-0952

– Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style

Products received for review but the opinions are my own!

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2 Responses to Pick A Color Any Color: Design Your Own MAC Pro Pallets

  1. gina says:

    what are diameter of the mac cream colour base? or the size of the circle of the 1st insert from the right (in your palette)

  2. The cheek colors are approximately 1-3/4″ diameter.

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