Plush Ensembles Play Up your Cute Curves

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November 6, 2005 • Magazine

Plush Ensembles Play Up your Cute Curves

Plush Ensembles Play Up your Cute Curves

Mon, 2005-11-07 00:00

by Stephanie Sack

Greetings, you gorgeous glamazon! With fall’s crisp weather here to stay, the time has come for lush looks and plush ensembles to play up your cute curves. Alas, chunky chicks tend to hide behind bulky sweaters and oversized coats when the cooler weather hits, and this, my delicious doll, is a no-no.

Here are a few suggestions to showcase your shape while dressing for the new season:

Invest in a few flawlessly fitting jackets.
From the topper to the blazer to the full-on winter coat, the Chicago-dwelling full-figure fashionista needs a range of cover-ups to both accommodate the changing weather and highlight her womanly form. Do not, for the love of God, purchase any coat that looks like a barrel on the hanger, as it will unfortunately look the same, if not worse, on you. For a jacket of any kind to fit well, the upper back must be flush to the frame, the shoulders and arms constructed to sit against the body and not buckle into themselves, and the waist to collapse a bit against the torso. Good choices: Old Navy’s Women Plus Belted Peacoats and Torrid’s distressed suede and faux fur trenchcoat. Both pieces feature a waist-flattering cut with a tapered back to fit cleanly against the shoulders. And that is all good.

Seasonal fabrics look amazing on women of size!
Do not be afraid of holiday-inspired fabrics such as velvets, cashmeres, corduroys, angoras, and the like. Rather, you should incorporate these very lush looks in simple pieces such as sweaters, jackets, and accessories. A smashing cashmere or angora sweater is well worth the dollar amount as you will look and feel like a pulchritudinous pin-up girl, and that, I can assure you, is a glorious feeling. A rich corduroy blazer perks up any basic tank-and-jean combo, and a slouchy velvet boho purse adds a seaonally swanky element to any fall ensemble. Points to keep in mind — any sweater you buy in a rich fabric should be a color that will always look seasonal and sassy, such as black, purple, or red. Again, look for sweaters that fit flishy to the shoulders and back with a collarpse against the waist. Do not purchase a sweater that looks like a square, for reasons which by now should be obvious. Look for blazers and jackets with a traditionally feminine shape, and please do not be afraid to wear a cropped cut to show off your waist and bootie. Longer blazers are usually shaped to more than vaguely resemble a garbage bag. Not acceptable! Good choices:’s velvet jacket in dusty blue and camel — the slight stretch makes for a better fit and the cropped cut looks young and modern. Got cashmere? Anna Scholz makes a cashmere sweater that’s to die for with a subtle scoopneck and angelwing sleeve. Yummy. Although ubiquitous, when buying a velvet purse keep in mind the purse needs to fit over a heavy coat and be able to carry all your girly necessities. Bigger, in this case, is better.

1. Old Navy Tan Peacoat
2. Torrid Distressed Suede Jacket
3. Bandlu Dusty Blue Velvet Jacket
4. Bandlu Bolero Jacket
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Velvet Hobo
6. Anna Scholz Sweater

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