Rachel Zoe Strikes Again With QVC Show During Fashion Week

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August 19, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Fall '09

Rachel Zoe

During a recent interview with Blackbook, celebrity stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe claimed that she thought she looked awful on the last season of her Bravo show, The Rachel Zoe Project, and promised to tone down down aspects of her appearance like her hair and makeup for the second upcoming season. While that may all be true, it seems Zoe is enjoying at least some piece of her newly minted role as spotlight junkie. In addition to the much publicized second season of her reality show, the stylist debuted her online style newsletter last week called The Rachel Zoe Report and now has just announced her plans to showcase a new collection of accessories at the QVC show during Fashion Week.

The stylist's line, the name of which has yet to be released, will feature "a ton of stuff," according to Zoe. Seemingly stuff includes scarves, sunglasses, statement necklaces, earrings, big rings—all items Zoe claims that every woman should have. The collection will also reportedly feature faux-fur items and embody an air of Studio 54-ish glamour. After the official debut in New York, the items will be available via QVC in early October, both on the network and on QVC.com. And fear not for those of you who still can't get enough of Zoe's whirlwind existence: the stylist recently claimed to be working on a second book which she described as "a wealth of information" on the inner workings of her day to day life. We're just waiting for the words " late night talk show" to be uttered next.

Article Source: newyorkmag, fabsugar
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-Alia Rajput

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