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June 2, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Movie and MTV stars alike went sexy for this untraditional award show… here are the taste-makers of the evening!

Sarah Jessica Parker


Parker won the best dressed award uncontested last night to me. She looked sexier than any of the young starlets in her short, body-hugging number.

Jennifer Hudson


While her SATC New York premiere outfit was debatable, this is just bad. Especially when you realize the pink lace isn’t part of the dress– it’s just her exposed bra. Ick.

Whitney Port


The Hills costar usually looks so classy to me, but last night she screwed something up in her signature style. Part of the outfit needs to go- either the ruffled skirt or the dramatic shoe. We’re not sure which, but they certainly don’t go together.

Lauren Conrad
The other Hills girl looks more chic and far curvier than usual in the simple blue number. I really, really wish she would update the hair. I fear Whitney’s starting to rock the same ‘do, and it’s very disappointing!

Ellen Page

I’ve made it clear that I think Ellen is squandering her potential for glamour with her funky style, but it actually fits in nicely at the MTV Movie Awards. She looked so at ease onstage in her black and white duds that the look kind of works for her…in her own weird way!

Megan Fox

Well, this pink thing that she walked the red (mustard?) carpet in is fugly ballerina gear, but the white dress she presented in gives her much more of that young-Angelina rebel aesthetic that I’m sure she was going for. Although it is short to the point of being raunchy, it seems much closer to her personal style, and was pretty run of the mill for the show as a whole.

So those were the high and low looks of the evening to one of the show’s TV viewers. Make sure to keep an eye out for the WTF of the Week, because there was definitely some fodder for Friday’s post at this year’s Movie Awards!

– Hayley Wells


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