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August 13, 2014 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Lauren Bacall Harper's Bazaar Magaine Cover

Screen legend Lauren Bacall died on Tuesday in New York at the age 89 as confirmed by her son Stephen Bogart. Bacall was born on September 16,1924, in New York City and at a young age had an interest in the entertainment industry. In 1943 she caught the eye of Hollywood director Nancy Hawks after her Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover was released. 1944’s To Have and Have Not was Bacall’s debut film role and not only put her on the map, but where she met her future husband, Humphrey Bogart. It’s also the film where she uttered the famous “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow” in her memorable throaty voice.

Later she followed with films such as: The Fan, The Portrait,  How to Marry a Millionaire and The Mirror Has Two Faces. She received her first Oscar nomination is 1996, and accepted an honorary Oscar in 2009, for the movie The Walker. Bacall was also known for her beautiful face and some of the beauty trends we still see today like the thick eyebrow and the old Hollywood waves, They all started with Bacall – her legend of beauty and glamour will live on.

–Rachel Bogo


Source:, The New York Times

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