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September 19, 2007 • Shopping


Who needs a fitting room? Consumers are trying
on Giorgio Armani and Prada while seated at
their computers. According to research firm
Forrester, the fashion e-commerce sector
is booming. It’s recently published “State of
Online Retailing” indicates that online fashion
sales are expected to reach $22.1 billion this
year, an increase of nearly 21% from
2006, and apparel, accessories and footwear
trails only travel in terms of total online

“Fashionistas” visit luxury designer sites more
frequently than regular shoppers, hoping to get
a peek at the next new thing. These high-end
customers really want newness constantly on the
site, and they’re looking for special
fashion-driven products vs. your basic commodity

What about fit? The answer
is good photography.

“Retailers think they can take a picture with
their digital cameras, pop it up online and get
it out over the Internet and all of a sudden
millions of people are going to be flocking to
their site to buy,”
says Rodger Roeser, spokesman
for American Joe’s
. “Nothing could be
further from the truth. Just like your marketing
in a store, your site has to be extraordinarily
easy to navigate.”

Much like video killed the radio star, some
traditional retailers are seeing profits
siphoned off by e-commerce competitors.
Forrester predicts that 10% of all
clothing sales will be transacted online this
year; for some designers, the ratio of online
sales already is much higher. And those ratios should continue to trend upward
as Generations X and Y begin to make more money.



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