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November 2, 2007 • Shopping


Bebe Rabbit Fur Jacket (thank God this will no longer be made!)

Look, we are not against fur by a long shot. If that is your cause then do it up with conviction. But don’t be lame about it. Retailer Bebe announced yesterday they would stop using animal fur in their clothes come January. However, they currently only use 3% anyway! Big whoop! Who thinks of Bebe as using fur…maybe some rabbit fur? That’s like me saying "I will no longer carry a PVC (pleather bag)." Guess what? I don’t anyway!

Now if someone like Barney’s or furrier Dennis Basso banned fur…that would be newsworthy.

We bet they are still carrying leather. Geez…it must have been a slow month for Bebe and they needed to stir the PR pot. Lame.

Source: San Francisco Business Times

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