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November 1, 2007 • Shopping


Celeb designers, The Olsen Twins, want to make one thing crystal clear — they are "in the fashion business." Good luck with that (it pains me to even write this).

Buying into the hype is their
exclusive specialty retailer on the East Coast, Intermix (Neiman Marcus carries the line exclusively on the West Coast). Ashley and Mary Kate are in town this week showing off their newest contemporary line,
Elizabeth and James, to retailers and press.

just started selling the brand with the fall collection and it’s doing
very well," said Khajak Keledjian, chief executive officer of Intermix. "The line shows off a lot of creativity
and is right in line with what our customers are looking for." And the celebrity cache can’t hurt either. Please, say it isn’t so!

The spring collection, which will be the
second season for Elizabeth and James, includes silk chiffon printed
tops, high-waisted pants, slim skirts, leather jackets, evening gowns
and silk party dresses, according to WWD.

L’Koral Industries, a Vernon, Calif.-based firm, produces the line.

In all fairness it’s not bad for a celebrity designed brand. However, it’s not great or very original for a fashion brand. Then again, contemporary brands have been fairly lame on style all-around lately.

Here are some of the items at Intermix:


Mercer Fox Fur Collar Coat $995


Chiffon Petal Dress $395

Jersey Origami Tee $185


Leroy Cashmere Cardigan $450

Source & Photo: WWD

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