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June 2, 2008 • Shopping


As a native Alabamian, I can say that, up until this point, the only thing this Southerner really knew about the retailer Belk is that when it bought out our local department store chain in Birmingham a few years ago, everyone was hugely disappointed and now still refuses to call the stores by anything but their old name. (Belk just sounds… well… ew.) But Belk bringing in Kristin Davis to design apparel is certainly helping me warm up to the retailer with the unfortunate name.

I can only imagine that adding Kristin Davis to their lineup is a genius idea for the Charlotte, NC-based retailer. Davis, born and raised in South Carolina, will design a line with pieces retailing from $30 to $240 when it hits stores across 16 Southern states at the end of August. Belk said the brand would be a "focal point, with prime locations"
in "modern, clean and tasteful" shop-in-shops ranging from 500 to more
than 1,000 square feet. It’s the retailer’s first celebrity apparel
line (Thank the Lord for that).

Davis’s demure and feminine aesthetic will be appropriate for a wide range of ages, and I think Belk can be sure that Charlotte’s style will have large appeal to many Southern belles. I’ve read that SATC: The Movie did so well this weekend that they are already planning a sequel, which makes it high time for Davis to capitalize on her celebrity, if she’s ever going to do so. And celebrity designers seem to be the way that many retailers are riding
out these tough times. As far as celeb lines go, this one seems
like a pretty good gamble!

– Hayley Wells

Source: WWD

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