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October 9, 2007 • Fashion

Second City Style’s new columnist, Jenn Scott will be covering real fashion for real women in her column, "Runway to Real Way." Here is her first column.


Jenn Scott for Second City Style Magazine

There is an exciting electricity in the air. Everyone is in an
amazing mood and smiling much more than usual. What is this phenomenon?
Fall is here! After months of excruciating heat and humidity, we can
finally breathe easy. For a lot of people, including myself, fall tends to be a crowd favorite among seasons. There are so many options because you can layer, layer, and layer some more.

Want to look like you stepped directly off the runway this season?
Well, it’s all in the outerwear. For all of you out there that have a
“coat problem”, it’s your time to shine. Keep them in the back of the
closet no longer!

Not a coat connoisseur? Not a problem. This is the season to fall in
love with your outerwear. It’s time for jackets, coats, and parkas to
shine. Here is a simple guide to help you rock the runways, or streets,
in your neighborhood.

Let’s start with all you ladies who are 5’6’’ and above.
Luckily, you get the luxury of having a wide variety of lengths. This
season has a dash of masculinity added to feminine beauty. Go for
something that has the basic structure of a man’s coat, with specific
details that make it your own.

Juicy Couture Pleated Empire Coat
This gorgeous fleece can be worn for dress, or casual with some jeans
and flats. Again, because of the length, this coat tends to look best
on the ladies with a little more length. Read more here

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