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May 30, 2007 • Shopping


If you are a glass half full person this is a great day. What did you do right? If you are glass half empty person…this is bad. Neiman Marcus is having ‘The Designer Sale’ going on now online and in stores June 1.  Not only are items we covet on sale (you know the ones you can wear right now and throughout the summer), there is free shipping too! Just use the code NMNOW at checkout. Save up to 40% on apparel, shoes and bags. Life is good. I just wish my bank account was!

If I had a million dollars I’d buy me a:


Marc Jacobs Capra Leather Satchel Was: $1,350 Now: $945


Anna Sui Butterfly Strapless Silk Dress Was: $414 Now: $248


Manolo Blahnik Open-Toe Pump Was: $595 Now: $399

PRADA Satin Jacket Was: $555 Now: $389


Christopher Deane Long-Sleeve Crocheted Dress Was: $295 Now: $221

Jimmy Choo Tam Mesh Tote Was: $3,450 Now: $2,415

Miguelina Floral Chiffon Top Was: $275   Now: $206

Elie Tahari Andriana Thong Sandal Was: $275 Now: $206

I’d look for more, but I’m getting upset….bah!

All items available at Neiman Marcus

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3 Responses to Sale Alert! Neiman Marcus is Giving Away the Farm. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Oy! The agony of seeing an ‘it’ bag still out of range is so painful, isn’t it? I subscribe to the NM emails as a form of torture, I suppose. They inform me regularly of fabulous things I can’t afford, dangling them before me like ornaments on a tree. LOL!
    The good news is that “Last Call” usually does coincide with special promotions, so you can (occasionally) save an additional 30% off discounted prices. But let’s be fair…the item you wanted is long gone by then! 😉

  2. Lauren-SCS says:

    I know. It’s still torture. The only way to get a great deal at NM is to work there. I did for a nanosecond. But then I realized I WORKED THERE!…and spent almost every dime I made in the store!

  3. I had considered doing the same at a handbag boutique and thought better of it. I completely relate to what you mean! Talk about handing over your paycheck! 😉

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