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June 18, 2007 • Events


According to Page Six all hell nearly broke lose at Tory Burch’s event at W. 26th Street last week.  A witness told Page Six, "Droves of women started pushing and shoving for the tunics and signature Tory flats." Unfortunately, two women who were not involved were blamed for the mess.

Upon dropping major coin on purchases, the bargain hunters, with their children looking on, were stopped by a manager who yelled, "Never come back – you and your little kids are never welcome here again!"

The source said: "We were shocked since the little girls were well-behaved and not acting as immature as some of the other women." A rep for Burch said, "This is the first we’ve heard of anything like this. We don’t operate our sample sale, but it’s obviously of great concern to us since customer service has always been a huge priority at Tory Burch."

Grrr…the claws come out! Good thing I wasn’t there…

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