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February 20, 2013 • Events, Fashion Blog, New York Fashion Week Fall '13


When I was asked to be on a Project Runway Designer Reunion pre-event HP panel with some of my Style Coalition peers, there was no way I wasn’t going to do it! First of all, I am a HUGE Project Runway fan and second, I not only use HP products myself (my laptop and printer are HP), but think the HP products have fused design and technology in a way that has been a perfect addition to Project Runway. It also speaks my language. Had this sort of technology been available when I was younger, I might have actually fulfilled my dreams of being a fashion designer. Mind you, I am so thankful I am around fashion in the capacity I am, but imagine the possibilities?


The panel (L-R); Danielle Jones from HP, Yuli Ziv, Lauren Dimet Waters, Sydne Summer, Felicia Walker Benson, Sarah Conley.

The format of the panel was to have an interactive and informal conversation about how technology has influenced fashion. Not only from a design perspective, but on our creative process as bloggers. We talked about the freedoms that have been afforded to us through the use of technology, how it has changed the way we work, how it has changed our New York Fashion Week coverage over the past few years, and of course, what social apps we now can’t live without. Both Sydne and I apparently shared the belief when we were in high school that technology was for geeks. Now we are both proud to be geeks. We all also now love the new Vine app which might have just been released, but was already making Fashion Week more fun!


Recognize these prints? They were from the HP textiles challenge. Pretty cool use right?

Yet, what I was personally really looking forward to was the Project Runway party that was to take place right upstairs from our panel. When we arrived upstairs I was completely blown away. The space was huge and the bar was well-staffed (always important to me). There must have been at least 60 Project Runway alums in attendance. Everywhere you turned you ran into another one. To say I was in my element was an understatement! I was off and running!

Here I am with and Andre

Here I am with Seth Aaron and Andre.

With vnmvnm,

With Kate Pankoke and Daniel Esquivel from the current season

With xnx and Nick

With Cindy Marlatt and Nick Verreos

It was great to see Kara Janx again! I have not seen her since she was at our party in Chicago.

It was great to see Kara Janx again! I have not seen her since she was at our party in Chicago.

Here I am with Benjamin

Here I am with Benjamin Mach from the current season.

Yes, Laura Kathleen is totally adorable.

Yes, Laura Kathleen is totally adorable.

As you can see, I was pretty busy. I had so much fun and can’t thank HP enough for a perfect Fashion Week evening.

HP also co-sponsored the Style Coalition Blogger Lounge with Covergirl during Fashion Week which was a much needed and welcome safe haven between shows. They supplied HP computers for us to use and we were able to have our hair, makeup and nails done too. Again, HP not only kept us connected, but beautiful.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: HP and Second City Style


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