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October 4, 2007 • Fashion

Spoiler Alert! Unless you have been living in a bubble, you already know that there is a wedding involving Carie as the bride in the now filming "Sex and the City" movie. Does it go off without a hitch? I couldn’t tell you. Nor would I, nor do I want to know either.

The "girls" on October 2

What I can tell you is that the movie is filming all over the upper East side and considering that’s where I live, I can’t escape the madness (nor do I really want to). I am going to show you pictures, because, let’s face it…I’m into the clothes!

This in from today’s Page Six: Evan Handler (who played Charlotte’s bald but lovable hubby),
Harry Goldenblatt, on "Sex and the City," reported to his first day of
filming for the movie on Tuesday, when he was a guest at Big
and Carrie’s wedding. But production had to be halted a few times
because of a chronic hiccuping problem Handler has developed. "It’s
been going on now for the past two years," he said in between hiccups.
"Sometimes it goes on for two, three days straight. So, it was
happening a little while filming, yes. But I can get in under control.
I go to a quiet corner and redirect my breathing and center myself."
That’s gotta suck.

Handler also said the cast and crew have grown accustomed to plot lines
being leaked: "There’s 150 people standing and watching every day, it’s
hard to hide anything." He’ll only be in town to shoot a few more
scenes before returning to L.A. (bummer, are they still together?)

Here are some pics (for designer gown ogling purposes only):

Is it just me or does the top of the dress do nothing for her? It doesn’t fit. It looks like Madonna’s famed bustier with the cone boobs. And the teal feather? Not so much.


This gown Kristin Davis was wearing on October 2 is stunning!


So is this one Cynthia Nixon is wearing (the hair style could use some help, but the color is great!)

Kim Cattrall walking to the set. Somehow I am sure those are not the shoes she shot in!

One thing you have to love and all soon to be brides please take note, the bridesmaids seem to be wearing what looks best on them and NOT some fugly gown the bride picked out. I hope this is a trend that catches on!

Here are a few extra shots I forgot to post from October 1 as an added bonus:


Winter blah scene (notice the fake snow?). I am hating SJP with brown hair, but love her Chanel bag!


Ah, much better, back to blondish brown.

Here is a close-up of the feather bag (looks like Ferragamo). Love the bag.

Photos: WireImage

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