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June 25, 2007 • Fashion

Fashion designer Alison Kelly has been very busy since her stint on Project Runway – she’s started her own label called Dahl (the name is taken from her middle name, Dahlgren, which was also her Swedish grandmother’s maiden name).  The spring collection was featured on ShopBop – a few pieces are still available if you act quickly – and her next collection promises to be even more popular. 


Allison used luscious, jewel-toned satins and feather-light angora to create her Victorian inspired fall 2007 collection.  Some of the standouts include sapphire blue mini dresses (perfect over slim pants or alone if you’ve got the legs for it), ivory high-necked blouses that manage to be both prim and subtly sexy, and the girlish separates in delicate fabrics that she’s known for. —Jaqueline Zenn

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