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October 1, 2007 • Magazine


Welcome to the millennium DSW! Finally, the shoe super-store is going online! Mind you, I have never seen a place so stocked with shoes I rarley want in my life. I digress. After years of Zappos kicking their butt, DSW is trying to even the score. Too little too late? You decide.

According to CNN Money, shoe retailer DSW Inc. plans to begin selling goods online and will
invest $37 million at its headquarters in hopes of launching the Web
business next year, the company said.

online store will mark an important extension of the company’s brand,
said DSW spokeswoman Leslie Neville Friday. She said there is no concern that some consumers might
still be resistant to the idea of buying shoes online. Ya think?

They are not saying whether the company would let purchases
made on the Web to be returned or exchanged at DSW’s brick-and-mortar
locations, but that would be cool!

DSW operates 245 stores in 36 states. The foray into online retailing will be the company’s first.

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