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May 22, 2007 • Accessories



Every spring I can count on the following in Chicago: spring does not exist and never comes; one day can be 80 degrees and the next 50; everyone comes out of hibernation; the battle between Sox fans and Cubs fans begins in earnest…and women start wearing hideous footwear to make the trek to the office!

I really can’t take it any longer. Please (and I will try to say this nicely) STOP WEARING FLIP-FLOPS and SNEAKERS TO WALK TO WORK! Words can not express how bad it not only looks, but sounds. The hideous clack flip-flops make when slapping the pavement is like nails on a black board. Besides, have you ever noticed that people walk like ducks while wearing them? The feet turn out creating a waddle walk. Equally as bad are white sneakers! You could be wearing the cutest outfit in the world only to have it ruined by your footwear. You make an impression everywhere you go. What if you ran into a client or a potential date? I’m not saying no athletic style shoes, but cute slip-ons at least.

I can not rest until this major crime of fashion is obliterated.

OK, I’m finished begging. Here are some fashionable and comfortable alternatives to give you some ideas;

Juicy Couture Footwear Pam Sling Back Thong $225 at ShopBop. If you must have something  between your toes…try these.


Lacoste Laurie Gloss Skimmers $137.95 at Zappos, You can’t go wrong with a ballet flat.


Cole Haan Nike Air Rhea D’Orsay $155 at Cole Haan. Form and function.


PUMA Driving Class II $99.95 at Zappos. I love Puma slip-on’s.


MICHAEL Michael Kors "Gillian" Flat $98.00 at Macy’s. This style has a rubber sole for comfort and shock absorption.


Fornarina Sugar in Red Patent $88 at Piperlime. How cute are these patent skimmers?


Diesel Women’s Kayanax $98 at


Juicy Couture ‘Mandy’ Flat $195 at Nordstrom

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3 Responses to Shoes News. Dump the Flip-Flops. PLEASE! Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Anonymous Flip Flop Wearer says:

    So what is an occasion when flip flops are permissable? Beach only?

  2. Lauren-SCS says:

    Yes! The beach, getting your mail, after a pedicure. That’s it. Nobody should ever wear $5 footwear to the office.

  3. Beach only really is the thong rule (flip flops, of course, not the undies).
    The worst offensive to me is the white sneaker with a skirt…or (drum roll) mom jeans (cringing in horror).
    And the thongs…I don’t care how many Swarovski crystals you glue to them it’s still a rubber shoe. LOL!

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