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June 19, 2007 • Shopping


Andra Naylor for Second City Style Magazine

Taking a risk has the potential to change your life. In the stock
market, a gamble on a high-return stock can be a rewarding experience.
On the other hand, bungee-jumping could have a not so pleasant result.
And as in life, taking a risk in fashion can either propel you to success or be detrimental to your image.

Think of Elizabeth Hurley who showed up on the red carpet in 1994
wearing a black Versace fastened with enlarged safety pins. An uproar
of criticism ensued and although the jury remains out on whether it was
faux pas or a trendsetting look, the point is that she took a risk and that risk paid off.

Too often I find myself falling into the fashion trap of a uniform.
You know what I’m talking about – an ensemble that you feel good in,
that you know works and doesn’t need ironing. While these outfits
provide a needed safety net, it should not become a crutch. Read more here

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