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August 1, 2007 • Shopping


Andra Naylor for Second City Style Magazine

I’ve noticed a funny thing happening to color lately. Fashion
designers are playing with it, fashionable ladies are experimenting
with it, and I…well I just really want to wear it!

The interesting thing about color right now is that it’s not about
what colors are “in” this summer and what others will be hip this fall.
Instead, the fall ready-to-wear collections showcased some of the most peculiar, yet breathtaking landscapes
I’ve seen in a long time. The new “in” color is actually to mix colors,
and in the process, create a strong style that’s not possible in
monochrome. Even Vera Wang, who is known for wearing only dark
ensembles, recently proclaimed that “wearing all black is so ‘90s”. I
couldn’t agree more.

Marc Jacobs was perhaps the most inspiring of the
designers for fall. He presented a collection that was nothing short of
a masterpiece. His grown-up looks were refined, yet vibrant, and in my
favorite shot – where Marc takes his bow – you can see the tableau of
56 models…56 looks you just want to pluck off the stage and wear
yourself. If look #45 is a little dark for you, try his version of Neapolitan – the Claudette ruffle dress at Neiman Marcus in dark, cream and rose – yummy as the ice cream that inspired it! Read more here

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