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June 7, 2007 • Fashion


Wishes Wishes Wishes Square-Neck Dress $40.50 at Macy’s

Let’s review some rules for shopping the juniors department:

1. Stick with solid colors. Patterns can look cheap and are easily detectable (unless you want to scream you are wearing Forever21).

2. Remove/replace plastic buttons and ugly belts. Quality is not their job one.

3. Remember that the dresses and skirts will be shorter than in the ‘big girl’s department. Make sure to check out your reflection from every angle. No micro-minis. You don’t want to look like a ‘Grandma Jezebel’ (Tim Gunn).

4. Load up on cotton tees. You will pay at least double in Women’s.

5. Do not buy the pleather handbags. Trust me, they look cheap.

6. Always try on before you buy. Sizing is very inconsistent so don’t leave it to chance. This is the one time you should go into the store before purchasing.

7. If anyone asks where you got your great dress…lie. If they ask if it’s from somewhere expensive just nod in agreement. Hold your head up high and deny, deny, deny.

8. Always pair your junior item with something fab and expensive (shoes, handbag, etc.) This will throw friends off your scent.

Here are some of our picks;

As U Wish Flocked Dot Party Dress $80 at Nordstrom


Jersey Babydoll Dress $22.80 at Forever21


Tempted Tie-Neck Satin Halter Top $24.00 at Macy’s

Ruby Rox Dobby Cotton Dress $68 at Nordstrom


Jacket w/ Belt $32.80 Forever21 (Replace tacky belt with one you own)


American Rag Cropped Three-Button Jacket $44.25 at Macy’s (Replace plastic buttons)

Sashimi Crop Jacket $24.90 at Nordstrom

– Lauren Dimet

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3 Responses to Shopping. How to Shop the Junior Section & Not Look Like a Kid. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Hi its Dave, and I’m here for my weekly read of Second City Style!
    I absolutely had to mention that replacing the buttons on you’re wisely purchased fashion apparel has to be the best bit of advice I’ve read today while cruising the fashion blogs, a central part of my daily ritual.
    Thank you for the sound and stylish tip!
    ‘I live life one stitch at a time’

  2. Lauren-SCS says:

    Excellent! I’m glad you liked it.Read us more then once a week will ya?

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