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October 5, 2007 • Magazine

Everyone is making a big deal about whether Barack Obama, and other political candidates for that matter, should wear a flag lapel pin or not. Well, I’m sorry, I am as patriotic as the next person, support our troops, and love this country, but the easy answer is simply, "No way!"

If I were a stylist for one of these candidates, I would tell them that the flag pin is distracting, and totally ruins the line of the suit. (I know I don’t even have to explain this to this audience.) But just imagine how a clothing designer would feel, seeing a flag pin on their suit!

Look at how these sleek John Varvatos suits look with a flag pin! It totally ruins the look!

Look – it competes with the pocket square! Where do you put the pin?
He goes from cool to carnival barker in an instant.


Can you Imagine what Damien Hirst would think?


You get my drift!

— Carol Calacci

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