S&TC. The Bad and The Worse.

Fountain of 30

May 28, 2008 • Celebrity Style

As this fashion-forward premiere, some attendees were looking downright backward.

Amy Sedaris

We love Sedaris’s humor, but is this a joke? The voluminous skirt cuts her off at terrible place, especially when paired with those special two-tone kitten heels. And hey, throw on a green cardigan for good measure and make this look even more daytime? No, please.

Lydia Hearst


Right, we get it, you’re a model. Does that mean you have to wear jeans everywhere? Especially, faded black ones? Between the over-the-top corset, neon shoes, and that Spring-Break-souvenir necklace, this outfit cannot be saved.

Lil Kim

While this dress is downright demure and classy for Lil Kim, the makeup is frightening. Go natural, girl!

Idina Menzel

We loved her in Wicked and Rent, but we do not love her in this dress. The thick straps of the shoe cut her off at the ankle and the whole proportion is wrong, we think? It’s hard to even put a finger on what it is that is so bothersome about this outfit, but she just looks stumpy, and we don’t like our Broadway stars getting shown up by TV and film folk!

Etty Farrell


Musician Perry Farrell‘s wife looks like she dressed up for Halloween as a Playboy bunny to show up to this premiere. Is there a cottontail in the back? We wouldn’t be surprised.

We can only imagine that these stars looked a little silly standing next to the impeccably dressed SATC girls… ouch.

– Hayley Wells

Photos: WireImage.com

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  1. Lydia Hearst in Mattel’s Spring 2008 Couture Collection.

  2. Someone wind Li’l Kim back up she’s losing power.

  3. Jahaute says:

    I dont mean to sound mean at all, but I seriously thought that woman in the pink dress was a transgender. Everything kinda looks fake.

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