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May 28, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Just like we saw at Cannes, metallics were embraced by the stars of Sex & The City at the film’s New York City premiere, last night at the Radio City Music Hall. We would go so far as to say the four starring women coordinated the sheen-theme for the event. First of all, let’s look at the leading lady…

Sarah Jessica Parker in Silver

The chromy Nina Ricci gown is pretty, if a little over the top. Parker’s body looks killer in the tight-waisted, strapless dress–it is certainly flattering. But it screams for attention that the star of this film is already going to get without a layered and trained gown.

However, the untraditional jewelry she paired with it is perfect as a complement to the gown, and as a nod to the quirky style of her character in the movie:

The mix of gold, silver, stones, and gray just rocks. The statement cuff balances the deco necklace… we just wish the full-skirted gown wasn’t so distracting!

This pose displays the layers and pleating of the dress, and is a little disconcerting. It reminds us of one of SJP’s earlier roles…

…the sexy sister Sarah in a personal favorite film, Hocus Pocus
We just had to. Anyway, on to our three other female stars…

Kristin Davis in Gold
It is amazing how the ladies have really taken cues from the style of their respective characters. Here, Davis definitely channels prim Charlotte York. The color against her skin tone is gorgeous, and we like how it is a touch more understated than SJP’s silver explosion. We are not sold, though, on the lower body volume that the accordion pleating creates. The black and gold together is striking nonetheless.

Kim Cattrall in Pewter

Kim’s dark-silver sheath with olive undertones is probably the most daring of any of the gowns worn by the leading ladies. It has an incredibly interesting neckline and silhouette, and we’re into that. Simultaneously, we wish she had done more with her hair and make-up, and we are not sold on the shoes. But, as always, it must be said that she looks banging for her age!

And finally, Cynthia Nixon in Titanium White

Okay, we know that was a stretch. So, maybe in the nonconformist nature of her character, Nixon didn’t exactly jump on the metallic train. Yet she does set off her very pretty, classic white gown with a perfect gold clutch! And we have to say that her hair color is luminous in its own right, and the cut is impeccable. She has come a long way from the butch ‘do of the early S&TC seasons!

Overall, the girls did it up right for their biggest premiere. They are stars, and they certainly shone like them last night. Under what would obviously be huge scrutiny, they all definitely delivered interesting and daring looks for us to tear apart at the figurative water-cooler today!

– Hayley Wells

Photos: WireImage.com

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