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October 8, 2007 • Fashion

Michelle Rodriguez at Marc Jacobs




Last winter as I walked into the Marc
Jacobs after party I noticed Michelle Rodriguez showing off the monitoring
device on her ankle. Months later Lindsay Lohan and Eve had to make do with
similar anklets after their run-ins with the law. Seemingly inspired by the
aforementioned starlets, Karl Lagerfeld created a collection for Chanel that
openly mimics such Americans: Dollar symbols abreast on cardigans exposing the
“scarlet $” Americans are guilty of and his own version of ankle devices:
quilted ankle purses. He should have replaced the clutches held by the models
with US Weekly’s, as they stood in American flag jumpsuits jagged and torn at
the bottom like a pirates. Perhaps showcasing just how shipwrecked America’s
Lindsay’s and Britney’s really are.

As the French would say: Ouch.

– Thomas Kikis

Photos: and NY Mag

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