Style History: Revisiting An Old Lookbook From 2005

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September 24, 2015 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Lookbook 2005, Jacqueline Zenn, Second City Style Fashion Editor      

It seems especially appropriate because I’ve been contributing to Second City Style since the site launched 10 years ago to think about doing a retrospective of my own style and how it has changed since then. While I’ve obviously kept up with current trends, it is interesting to see what common elements have remained.

For instance, I’ve always stuck to a similar color palette – lots of black and white, some gray, and jewel tones along with lipstick red, fuchsia and turquoise. I like all things metallic, statement-making high heels, dramatic silhouettes and the kind of jewelry that tells a story – especially if it is somewhere far away and exotic.

I was attracted to lots of gold, more covered-up but still sexy ensembles, necklines with ruffles, feathers or other embellishments, structured jackets and coats, and resort-y type looks in the summer – think tropical flowers and flowy dresses.

These pictures are from a lookbook I made during fall 2005.

Fashion Editor, Jacqulene Zenn, Lookbook Coat, red lipstick, Jacquelne Zenn, Lookbook, 2015

IMG_1023 IMG_1022

IMG_1021 IMG_1020

IMG_1019 IMG_1018

IMG_1017 IMG_1016

How has your style evolved (or not) in the past ten years?

While mine has remained remarkably consistent, I will say there are a few things that have changed. I tend to wear sneakers more in non-gym/workout situations, I’m okay with mixing metals in my jewelry, and I’ve found that I’m less concerned about wearing dramatic or statement looks in everyday situations. I guess with age comes comfort in knowing who you are.

– Jacqueline Zenn

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One Response to Style History: Revisiting An Old Lookbook From 2005

  1. Champagne Girls About Town says:

    In my twenties I used to wear this super sophisticated outfits in cream, blush and camel, and pile on the labels whenever I could. I guess that a privilege of being twenty something- you could wear a fur and carry a Kelly bag and still look young and kind of ironic. I’m more careful now not to look like a trophy wife. I’m definitely more relaxed and learned to mix high and low.

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