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July 11, 2007 • Fashion


As I previously mentioned, while the men in Roma dressed molto bene, the women did not impress quite as well. In all fairness, I hear they do in Milan, but I was not there this trip. I went a little snap happy in Rome so the following focus on the good (notice, not great). I mostly stuck to the ‘high-rent’ shopping district near the Spanish Steps (Via dei Condotti, Via Borgognona, Piazza di Spagna) because I figured if the best shops were there, so would be the best dressed.

Generally, here is what I noticed about the good…like us, they love a good handbag. I saw tons of LV (brown logo), Prada, Miu Miu, YSL and all of the usual suspects. The dress was the clear winner for apparel. Shoes were very important and why wouldn’t they be in Italy? A look I loved was the metallic sneaker. One I hated was cowboy boots with shorts, skirts and dresses. Particularly in 90 degree weather. Sunglasses were very important and the ones I saw most…Prada. The most important accessory? The cell phone or a hot man on your arm.


The LV Speedy was everywhere. Although oddly, they always looked empty.


Many women were not color adverse. Wait until I show the bad examples.


I loved this use of metallic


Simple yet great.


She was too cute


Working the shirtdress

I rather liked this casual look actually


Jeans with open-toe pumps and tons of necklaces with a wife beater. Love.

On her, it worked


– Lauren Dimet Waters, Editor-in-Chief

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