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August 13, 2007 • Fashion


I love Sundays. Mostly because I look forward to Bill Cunningham’s "On the Streets" in the Sunday Times. I get seriously bummed when it’s on some stupid fad or men’s fashion, but this week’s did not let me down.

However, now that I live in NYC, I have to say…I have not noticed this much black. Then again, I have not been looking. Can you imagine? It’s been pretty hot and the last color I want to wear in the blazing sun and sweltering heat, is black.

New Yorkers have switched from light summer clothes to their annual
black August. A man, left, wears Chinese-style clothes, in the right
fabric for the season. Echoing the sudden swarm of black are the
imaginative fly-swatter sculptures by Terence Gower in the windows at
Barneys, which include a fly, above; a dragonfly, below; a spider and a
– Bill Cunningham, New York Times

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