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Summer is finally here! After the never-ending rains and the long, dreary winter nights the sun has finally come out to shine. So what better way to celebrate than to get a slew of new summer pieces to wear out on the town!

Cut-outs are huge this summer. Besides providing cool ventilation to keep you from over-heating, you can wear one of these pieces all day, as long as you cover up under a fitted blazer. A cut-out dress can do double duty for day and night.

One of the best parts of the summer is staying cool when running over subway grates without fear of flashing any passers-by because of unexpected gusts of wind when you slip on an awesome pair of shorts. Leather is no longer just for the fall. Just make sure that you do not overdue it with the heavy fabrics in the summer or you could overheat. What’s even better than amazing shorts or a skirt? Wear a colorful playsuit or romper!

Do you want be able to do a quick change in a flash? Then wear a (flashy) top! Sequins and embellished necklines are great for working days that turn into hot summer nights.

Summer is great for trying out new trends so if you see anything you like and have never worn before, try it once before September rolls around!

1. Madewell Fernwood Croquet Dress, $168

2. ASOS Printed Neoprene Bodycon Dress, $36.93

3. Tibi Eclipse Sequin-Embellished Silk Top, $695

4. Diane von Furstenberg Tadd Two-Tone Silk-Crepe Playsuit, $365

5. DKNY Sequined Silk-Blend Playsuit, $595

6. Diesel Textured Leather Shorts, $390

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs 10th Anniversary Bow Wow Striped Dress, $278

—Taneisha Jordan

Image Layout: Molly Murphy

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