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August 3, 2007 • Fashion

Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

I remember when headbands were part of the same fashion cliché as
scrunchies, and scarves used for hair maintenance were only chic when
worn in red convertibles. Thinking back, the only times I wore a wrap around my head was in college during bad hair days or times when washing my hair just didn’t fit into my class schedule.

Looking around now, hairwear is everywhere! With the fashionable
variety of hair accessories I’ve seen donned on my fellow
lock-conscious females, I immediately retrieved all those head scarves
left over from my college days. Yet following the hair-wear trend,
follows the retail availability. Not to mention the style variety. You
can now find headbands, scarves and even scarves molded to headbands,
in every style and color from stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue to

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