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June 12, 2007 • Fashion


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

It’s early-morning, you’re prepping for your daily commute into the
office, and right before you run out the door you take one last glance
at your finished look. Outfit, check. Makeup, check. Briefcase and
handbag, check. You look awake, fresh, put-together, and ready for the
8-hour work-day ahead of you.

Fast forward and you step into the office and make a bee-line to the
bathroom. You realize no amount of blotting paper could ever save the
foundation streaks and smeared eyeliner, and your hair got so frizzed
from the new summer heat that you quietly pray that you have a stray
hair tie lying among the scramble of post-its on your desk. Summer is here,
and as much as you would love to don that light summer dress or skirt
and cami you sported over the weekend, you as a working woman now have the seasonal dread of selecting what work attire to wear that can bear the rising heat.

The work dress code can unfortunately be hard to get around sometimes.
Luckily most of the basic regulations including slacks, skirt,
button-down shirt and pumps vary widely enough to give enough options
to transcend one season to another. However, the one distinguishing
piece of the outfit mandatory during all presentations, meetings, and
other important days at the office, is the blazer. Read more here

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