Summer ’15 Trend: Pristine White Sneakers

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May 29, 2015 • Blahnik Tonic, Fashion Blog, Trends

When I was a teen I vividly remember my mother scolding me for immediately scuffing my brand new white Tretorns. In those days it was “uncool” to have blinding white sneakers. Today it isn’t. In fact, one major footwear trend for the season are pristine white sneakers. They can be your basic white Vans, Nike’s or leather slip-ons, but they need to be really white. All white. Just white. I usually run away screaming in horror even at the thought of wearing all white anything on my feet (they are a size 9 an my mom always told me white shoes make your feet look bigger. I still believe that one…sorta). However, I find myself wanting a pair. Which all-white sneakers will you be wearing this summer? I’m still deciding.


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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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