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May 16, 2007 • Fashion


Lauren Dimet, Editor-in-Chief – Second City Style Magazine

I have been procrastinating writing this article. Plain and simple.
What do I suggest are the must-haves for summer 2007. I have been
lamenting and I think I just figured why. I’m not too impressed with this upcoming summer, fashionwise that is.

First, anyone who knows me can tell you I love fall fashion and
would much rather invest in something I can wear nine months of the
year. I get three months of summer, if I’m lucky.

Second, while I adore dresses, the plethora of trapeze, babydoll, tent and other such unflattering shapes are cause for concern.

Lastly, I am continually amazed at the poor quality and high prices
of clothes this season. I am not talking about stores like Forever 21
where you get what you pay for, but apparel from designers you find
under the tents at Fashionweek and in women’s boutiques. The items that
cost $300-600.

That being said, it’s not all doom and gloom. While I have been seeing the dreaded flip-flops come out in force, I have also noticed women taking to dresses like a fish takes to water. We are finally dressing up! Read more here

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3 Responses to Summer ’07 Trends. Must-Haves for Summer 2007. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Two things:
    I could not agree more with your observation about women flocking to dresses. How fun is it to see us looking all girly? I love how easy a dress makes my morning routine. Great shoes, fab dress, great jewelery, hot bag: done!
    The note of concern, however, is how unflattering so many styles are. My husband is shocked the “pregnant” silhouette this season. Babydoll, trapeze and empire do nothing for your figure so you’d better have HOT legs to pull these off.
    On the flip side, it certainly beats shopping for maternity clothing if you’re a mom-to-be!

  2. Andra says:

    LOVE your picks, Lauren! Couldn’t agree more!

  3. Nice peaks Lauren.Especially the one about the maternity intimate apparel.My wife love your site:)

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