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May 9, 2007 • Shopping

Every spring, like a rite of passage, I look to replace my white t-shirt and beater (tank) wardrobe. I like to start the season fresh, so I chuck them every fall. I live in white t-shirts and tanks all summer. They are either prominently displayed or used as a layering piece.

They don’t have to be expensive. In fact, I prefer that they aren’t. My prerequisites are that they are 100% cotton, long enough to cover what needs to be covered, have a neckline that won’t choke me, are as soft as 850 thread-count sheets and…I refuse to spend over $20 per shirt. My favorite tee used to be J. Crew’s, but they are now cost prohibitive. By the way, I think you have to be crazy to spend $75+ on a solid t-shirt. I would so much rather spend my money on something else. So here are my picks for the best, and cheapest T’s and tanks:

Petit Bateau white tank top $18 at Bluefly. This is a serious bargain because they are normally $30.

Gap Clean scoop neck T $19.50 at Gap. I prefer a scoop or jewel neck.


Patrick Robinson Raw-Edge Tank – True White $14.99 at Target. This baby is soft! I know because I bought one (in fact wearing it now). I love the ‘tuxedo’ look.


Old Navy Women’s Perfect Fit Tees $10.50 each or two for $15 at Old Navy. Want to know what’s really perfect? The price.


Baby Rib Basic Short Sleeve T $15 at American Apparel. Generally I find this place a rip-off, but the cotton is super soft and their color selection (should you prefer) is second to none.


Realitee Crewneck Tee for $18 at Nordstrom. Shopping the junior’s B.P department at Nordstrom for tees and tanks has been one of my secrets for years. Buy the same thing in the Savvy department downstairs for at least double the price (suckers).


Hanes® TAGLESS® Men’s White Tank 5/pack for $13.00, T-shirt pack 5/$11 at Hanes. Let’s face it, you can’t beat a beater by Hanes. Not to mention they are ridiculously cheap. So if you spill some red white on one…who cares? Just remember to buy small.

– Lauren Dimet

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