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May 25, 2007 • Fashion


Start by taking matters into your own hands with Essie’s Starting Over Colours To Go Six pack for $45 at Essie.

Nails that look naturally beautiful are what’s hot this summer. Put Throw the black away and save Vamp for the existential crisis fall fashion lineup of darker hues. A manicure and pedicure will not only make you feel like a princess but will make you look like you’re put together even when you’re walking the dog.


Jennifer Behr Satin Turbin Headband
$88 from Intermix

But don’t quite while you’re ahead. Instead of trying to wish away all the humidity why not just push your hair back with a cute headband. Not only will it keep the hair out of your face but it will distract from the inevitable summer frizz.


Don’t forget to look down. As my EIC Lauren Dimet suggested earlier this week, there is no excuse for flip flops this summer. Why not step up your outfit with a sexy sandal. They’re easy to wear and you won’t look like you’re living in a college dorm.
Try (or at least be inspired by) Dior’s ID Mirror Thong sandal $395 from Eluxury


Don’t overdo the metallic trend, but just one piece can make any outfit look like a million bucks. BUT Stay away from items like gold lame leggings and two-piece ensembles devoted to the much-loved metals. And please, don’t match your gold bag-with-your-gold-shoes-with-you-gold-dress. Instead, for garments, try a muted version of the silver or gold and pick either the top or the bottom to let it shine. Be inspired by Zac Posen’s Silk Wave Blouse $900 at Saks.


Darphin’s Self-Tanning Face and Body Tinted Cream, $50 BergdorfGoodman


It’s simple and while you ought to be slathering on the sunscreen for health reasons if it takes a bit of aesthetic motivation that’s fine with us. There is nothing worse than getting a horrible sunburn on summer shoulders, necks and legs and then have it turn into an odd-colored farmer’s tan. Just put on the sunscreen and in addition to not looking like a freaky lobster you won’t end up looking like Rachel Zoe.

But don’t worry, if you don’t want to look like corpse this summer that’s OK. In fact, many of us who have the dream that we’re somehow emulating the fabulous Ms. von Teese or other pale goddess it’s time to wake up and smell the sunshine. Using a good self tanner gives you a healthy glow, makes you look like you actually live an active lifestyle and will make sure the legs you’ve been hiding under long winter skirts match the your face, arms and whatever other body parts have been hit by the sun. Great for those icky shoe-lines you get when you switch out your sandals too!– Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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