Swimsuit Season. Women’s Health Lets You Test Them!

Fountain of 30

June 3, 2008 • Magazine


Buying swimsuits online is a tricky business…
but now Women’s Health has made it one step easier by allowing you to see video of certain suit cuts on models. Now, I know you are still thinking… what freaking good does that do me? I don’t look like a model! Well, the best thing about the video is that it runs the models through some tests like walking, spinning, stretching, catching a poorly thrown frisbee, and spreading and laying down on a towel. Pretty much they put the girls in every beach position that might display an awkward angle, and you can judge whether the cut that they claim is the best for you really is or not! There’s also the "ball test" and the "fruit test" which I will leave you to discover for yourself… Swimsuit shop away here: 2008 Swimsuit Tester. Even if you don’t find the right suit, watching the tests will make you laugh… and that’s always good for your self esteem! 

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