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A preview of what Alaska has to offer.

And the final votes are in! Travel + Leisure asked their readers to rate cities across America on everything; from how friendly a place can be to how stylish the locals are. Although I’m betting you all are dying to know which cities take the title as the top ten worst drivers, let’s see who placed within the top ten best dressed in America:

1. New York City

2. Charleston

3. Los Angeles

4. San Juan, P.R.

5. Miami

6. San Francisco

7. Savannah

8. Austin

9. Dallas/Fort Worth

10. San Diego

While some were expected, such as New York and L.A., there were a few that were surprising. Charleston and Savannah clearly has a sense of style that has caught the attention of many, meanwhile it looks like California and Texas seem to join the ranks as best dressed through a few of their cities. After reviewing all ten, it’s clear that living where it’s warm will bring out the best in fashion.

However, warm weather doesn’t always guarantee that the city will look great. Places like Texas and Georgia made it on a list again, only this time it was for the worst-dressed. Below is the top ten worst dressed cities:

10. Kansas City, Missouri. Clearly this Midwest city does not know how to dress. It seems like Kate Spade, who is Kansas-City native, didn’t help when she moved away.

9. Phoenix/Scottsdale. As stated in Travel + Leisure, there is a museum exhibit devoted to the bolo tie.

8. Portland, Maine. Anna Kendrick, from the Twilight series, came from this northern state, helping their style situation even more.

7. Atlanta, Georgia. For those of you who are a fan of Kanye West’s style, when you find out that he was born in Atlanta you should be shocked; if you don’t happen to be a fan you should understand why this Georgia located was chosen for seventh place.

6. Dallas, Texas. Despite Selena Gomez’s attempt to bring out her hometown southern style, the cowboy look doesn’t seem to agree with the rest of America.

5. San Antonio, Texas. Another disappointment for Texas. Evidently Texas felt they needed to balance out the good from bad making San Antonio take fifth place as worst dressed.

4. Orlando, Florida. This Florida location is no place like Miami. The warm weather city has the ability to say Carrot Top is a native.

3. Baltimore, Maryland. For those that do not know of the subculture called the Baltimore Hons, this east cost city is the home to women who like to use cat-eye glasses and beehives as everyday accessories.

2. Salt Lake City, Utah. Whenever I think of this place, I think of native Roseanne Barr. This should be enough to make anyone understand.

1. Anchorage, Alaska. Sarah Palin doesn’t seem to bring enough to the fashion table according to Travel + Leisure readers. The Alaska city wins the spot as the worst dressed. I guess that readers don’t like the idea of thermal underwear and furry parka’s.

No matter who was picked for the top ten best or the top ten worst, they all did their best. Well, maybe not the top ten worst, but at least the rest of America is able to learn from their mistakes. While we were sad to see Chicago didn’t make either list, at least we skirted by unscathed and possibly unnoticed. Cheers to the middle!

-Lindsay Grundy


Picture Source: Travel + Leisure


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