The Gladiator Sandal Trend: There’s An Option!

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April 17, 2015 • Blahnik Tonic, Fashion Blog, Trends


I’m not recommending these. I love Giuseppe Zanotti but these will only look good … actually, I don’t know where they will look good. I was going to say maybe in a 60’s Fellini film or on the Italian Riviera, but my mind kept flip flopping between a vision of Yule Brenner as Ramsese and Charlton Heston as Moses. Neither are a good thing. So unless you have perfectly slim model legs, and without any extra muscle tone, if you wear gladiators, you will look like Hercules. Or Spartacus. I can’t believe designers are doing this again! Haven’t we just recently cleaned out our closets of gladiators? They make too much of a statement. You see them coming a mile away. Gladiators are just not a good look in the city.

The-Ten-Commandments 1956

But this season designers wised up! Besides creating gladiator sandals that wrap their way up to the knee, they also created what I am calling “modified gladiators.” The most flattering of these styles have straps that stay under the ankle or wrap just above. So you can wear the trend but there is not need to wear them to the knee. Thankfully, here are some easy-to-wear gladiator sandals.

– Carol Calacci

Photo: Yul Brynner as Rameses and Charlton Heston, portraying Moses from “The Ten Commandments”(1956). Source: The Official Trailer

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