Trends in Retailing. New Looks Get to Market, and Fast!

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May 30, 2008 • Fashion

When J.C. Penney President Ken Hicks saw
Angelina Jolie wore a batik dress at the Cannes Film Festival he
quickly had the retailer stock a big selection of the Indian-inspired

In the current economic and retailing slow-down, large chain retailers have developed a new plan to combat on-coming recession. The successful new formula includes speeding up the time it takes to get the latest fashions into their stores.

According to USA Today, "Chains ranging from J.C. Penney to J.Crew are
scrambling to make their orders more precise, so they can stock just
enough of the hottest styles for today’s increasingly fickle and
tight-fisted consumers.

Should "tight-fisted" consumers be shelling out cash for trendy, star-inspired looks? We think classic pieces may be a better investment when you’re making fewer purchases! Be picky!

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