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May 9, 2007 • Fashion

Perspex heel slingbacks $600.00
Metallic leather open-toe slingbacks, approximately 110mm high. Marc Jacobs slingbacks have a clear Perspex multi-facted heel and strap running along foot and around heel.
For this city-dweller, my shoes are various kinds of investments. I walk everywhere (or end up chasing a bus or taxi) so buying shoes that are well made, regardless of brand or price, is essential. But there are also other kinds of investments that emerge from the the very simple idea that pleasure itself is a worthy reason to spend a somewhat odd amount of dollars adorning your lower half. Or investing can mean purchasing a pair that represent a particular season or moment in the odd time and space of the fashion vortex— somewhat linked to incentives of the economic and aesthetic sort, but not entirely reducible to either.
But I digress. When I took a friendly spin around Net-a-porter this morning these MJs made me remember why shoes are one of the few things that shove me out of my conservative slumber. Lucite, (a material that’s also been making a comeback in the worlds of interior design) represents to this humble writer a moment of optimism and welcome frivolity. Whether on associates it with the 60s space-age or as part of Disco-Stu’s world of disco-dancing, its glamor and appeal was fleeting but potent. After all, there is nothing practical about these shoes; they would never make the list of classic wardrobe must-haves and you’ll probably only wear them a handful of times. But that’s okay, this is what you wear when the everyday just won’t do.
–Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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