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September 26, 2007 • Lifestyle


Today, for the first time, I watched the Tyra Banks Show. I was not pleased. Is it just me or is she possibly more annoying than Rachel Ray? This particular show was her crash course in ‘Fashionology’ which was clearly for the mentally challenged. I got through the Baby Phat/Kimora Lee Simmons ‘behind the scenes’ segment without actually tossing my cookies, but it was hard. Tyra kept interrupting with annoying comments like "remember, I was at your after-party?" "The clothes look different 6 months later when they are in the stores." Well, the Baby Phat clothes were awful! I digress, Tyra’s self-admiration, exaggerated facial and body movements and girlfriend slang became too much to bare and I had to stop watching. I wanted to stick pins in my eyes.

Look, Tyra is still gorgeous and was a great model, but I just wish she would be quiet. Models should model, actors should act and singers should sing. When they start crossing into designing and politics…it gets annoying and sometimes sad.

This, however, I can NOT stop watching! Click here to see the funniest damn spoof on Tyra’s ‘America’s Top Model’ by Saunders and French. I miss Ab Fab, but this almost makes up for the fifteen minutes of my life I will never get back enduring that horrid show this morning. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to Turn the Channel. The Tyra Banks Show…Blows. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Afternoon Delight says:

    i’m not a huge fan and i liked last season better.. although i do watch antm…
    but this was on jossip the other day.. a former guest called violet blue says they totally ask people to change who they are…. although i don’t know why.. this chic looks like she rocks…here is a link to the violet blue post…

  2. kristina says:

    Thank you for writing about how horrible she is. Her interjections are painful. The amount of confidence and arrogance she has make it even worse. She has no idea how annoying she is.
    On Her “pick the fake” show, she made fun of a fashion student for not knowing which one was the fake. “Miss Fashion institution, all eduacted doesn’t even know” Basically, poking fun of her for being educated.

  3. Lauren - SCS says:

    I forgot…I did see a bit of that show. I was sick on the couch that day. Is that the one where she cut a Gucci bag in half? Again, 15 minutes was all I could take!
    What bothers me most is that she talks to her audience (and viewing audience like we all live in a bubble and need Ms. Tyra to teach us the glam ways of the world. It’s insulting.
    Tyra, you are a model…out it in perspective. You ain’t all that and a bag of chips. So annoying.

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