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September 21, 2007 • Celebrity Style

We didn’t love Jennifer Lopez peppermint minidress number when she took her walk down the runway at the Just Sweet show last week.  But there’s one thing we do love about this curvaceous cutie—she loves to take fashion risks!! After all, it’s not easy to wear skinny jeans on a big bum!


The floppy hats though—are they really necessary?


Here’s what we like:

The minidresses… , J. Lo is a fan—often in the short and sleeveless form. They’re luxe and sometimes sequined, but easy—and perfect for pairing with black boots and  gliding on the stage.


The thick textures, bold designs, and animal prints…but only when they’re from Cavalli! Lopez is not shy about showing her fixation for the fashion forward designer.  So out of the box! So cool!


When J. Lo does dress up, she goes all out—but keeps it toned down.  Yes, her minidresses are frilly but her gowns usually play up solid colors and a luxe, classy style.  There’s usually something just a little bit risky though…the low-cut neckline or the interesting sleeve. And of course, we love when she wears Alberta Ferreti or Marchesa…


Photos: Wireimage.com, Movies.aol.com, People.com, Frugal-fashionista.com

—Simona Kogan  


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