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December 8, 2014 • Magazine, Vintage


Don’t let your fabulous holiday outfit get covered up by a bulky coat or cardigan. This year we are focusing on the shawl! The shawl (or stole) is perfect for keeping you warm and slightly covered during those events when you chose to show a little skin. The best thing about it is you don’t have to worry about compromising the integrity of your sexy party dress! Shawls can come in fabrics as delicate as silk or satin or as luxe as cashmere or fur. What’s great about this trend, is you can make it a part of your entire look and still stay sexy by covering up as much or as little as you want!

Shawls were very historically prominent first in India and other areas of the Middle East, with the Kashmir shawl being very widely known in the textile trades. These shawls were embroidered with floral designs and could be made from combinations of wool, cotton or silk. In the early 1800s new silk designs were being made in China and quickly migrated to Europe and the United States. The shawl lost popularity in the late 1800s as a fashionable accessory in the USA, but then had a re-emergence in the 1920s, with heavy embroidery, beading and sequins just in time for the Jazz Age. It continued its popularity in fashion throughout the 1940s and 1950s with more colors, patterns and textures than ever before to match women’s everyday dresses. Although as the decades progressed and ladies didn’t incorporate them into their daily attire as much, the shawl still to this day remains a prominent evening accessory worn mostly with party dresses and ball gowns.

There is no trick at all with choosing the right shawl for your evening out or holiday party. Just pick what you like best! With the holidays just a few weeks away, ladies tend to go with fur or cashmere to help keep warm and stay festive. You also can go lightweight and do a sheer silk to still show a little bit of shoulder but still be slightly covered. Either way the shawl will be a great option to keeping your look classy but sexy at your holiday event!

– Carmen N. Turner

1. Grace Kelly in a Fur Stole with Clark Gable at the 26th annual Academy Awards presentation in 1954, ©Ed Clark, Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

2. Belle Fare Knitted Rabbit Fur Bolero,  $750

3. Vintage 1950s Persian Lamb Shawl, $224

4. Betsey Johnson ‘Rosette’ Wrap, $68

5. 1950’s Mink Fur Cape, $250

6. Stole from Dennis Basso Fall 2014 RTW, WWD

7. Burberry Fox Fur Trimmed Half Mega Check Lightweight Wrap, $1,095

– Carmen Turner

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